Abatem Heat Treatment System for Bedbugs

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How do I get bedbugs?

Bedbugs do not travel on their own.  They are hitchhikers and must be brought into the home on something.  The most common ways are on luggage, used furniture or bedding but can also be transported on clothing, electronics or anything that is moved in from an infested building.


How do I know if I have bedbugs?

Finding a bedbug is the only way to know for sure.  If you have bites, don't assume they are bedbugs.  There are many other things that they could be.  An inspection performed by a pest control professional is the best way to determine if you have a bedbug infestation.  Do not agree to a bedbug treatment without an inspection and proof of an infestation.  


What does a bedbug bite look like?

People react in different ways to bedbug bites.  Some show red circular spots, some show red blotches similar to a rash or anything in between.  Some people show no reaction at all and do not show bites.  There is no way to tell a bedbug bite by looking at it.  If you have bites then an inspection in your home is the best way to determine what is causing them.


Do I need to throw away my furniture if I have bedbugs?



Fast Facts about Bed Bugs

• Do not transmit diseases to people
• May trigger asthma
• Cannot fly or jump, but can run fast
• Can be transported in personal belongings
• Are often found on thrown-out furniture
• Can travel through a building
• Can be difficult to control
• Can be eliminated and prevented


Where to Look for Bed Bugs

• Check the sheets, pillows and blankets for bugs and stains.
• Look under the mattress and pillows.
• Check the seams and puckers of the mattress and box spring.
• Look at the bed frame for bugs and stains.
• Check the floor, carpet edges and moldings.
• Look inside and underneath drawers.
• Radios, phones, clocks near the bed or on a nightstand may
also be hiding places for bed bugs.


How to Help Yourself

• Don’t panic: bed bugs are not life threatening.
• Call your building manager, landlord or social service provider immediately if you think there
may be bed bugs in your room or bed.
• Wash and dry your clothing and bedding on hot: 30 minutes of heat kills bugs and their eggs.
• Wash and use the clothes drier on any donated clothing before wearing.
• Do not take furniture or items from the street: they may have bed bugs!
• Do not try to use pesticides to kill bed bugs on your own.
• “Bug bombs” are not effective for bed bugs.