Abatem Heat Treatment System for Bedbugs

                                Abatem Heat Treatment Systems, LLC



Abatem Heat Treatment Systems, LLC -- Mobil Heat Treatment Truck

Abatem Heat Treatment Systems, LLC is on the front line of the battle to contain the spread of bedbugs using our new mobile heat treatment process. Our new heat treatment system (patent pending) has been the key to 100% successful elimination of even the most severe bedbug infestations. 

Customers like the fact that this treatment method greatly reduces the amount of pesticides used in their homes and eliminates the need for pesticide use on items that they are in daily contact with such as bedding, stuffed furniture, and dressers that store their clothes. 

The Abatem heat treatment system utilizes a mobile heat treatment truck or trailer and a computerized touch screen graphic control panel to guarantee 100% lethal results on every treatment.  

Multiple temperature sensors, user definable temperature thresholds and automatic safety functions ensure accurate even heating without damage to the heated contents.     

Abatem Heat Treatment Systems, LLC offers many options to make heat treatment an affordable addition to the services you provide. 

For more information on the Mobile Heat Treatment, Heat treatment vehicle sales or leasing -- contact Dan Dente  at Abatem Exterminating Co., LLC Toll Free: 855-222-8369 or Local : 802-254-8413                                                         or email Abatemsystems@gmail.com